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Chunya District is one of the seven districts of Mbeya Region, Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by Tabora Region, to the northeast by Singida Region, to the east by Mbarali District, to the south by Mbeya Rural District, and to the west by Songwe. It is located in the North-West part of Mbeya Region, which is in the Southwest part of Tanzania. The District is among eight districts of Mbeya Region, and it lies between 7” and 9” latitudes, South of the Equator, and between 32” and 34” longitudes, East of Greenwich.


In Northern part, it borders with Singida and Tabora Regions. Iringa Region and Mbarali District to the East, Mbozi and Mbeya Districts to the South, Rukwa Region and Lake Rukwa to the West.


Have you ever visited a new place and felt ‘wow’ about it? For many visitors, it happens at Chunya. Chunya may not be as popular as other cities in Tanzania, but don’t let that fool you. Chunya is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit. You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this hidden destination.You might wish to revisit it someday again, to take a break and relax at Chunya.


If you have plans to visit Tanzania and are not sure if Chunya should be included in your itinerary, keep reading. In this list, we have put together some of the things to do in Chunya and around. We have a hunch that if you include this city in your travel plans, you will be thrilled you did so.

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Rungwe is a District in Mbeya Region, Tanzania. It is bordered to the north by Mbeya Rural District, to the east by Iringa Region, to the southeast by Kyela District, to the southwest by Ileje District and to the west by Mbeya Urban District.

Location of Rungwe Dsitrict: Rungwe District lies between Latitudes 80 30’ East at 9030’ South of the Equator and Longitudes 330and 340 East of Green wich Meridian. The District shares borders with Kyela District in the South, Ileje District in the West, Makete District in the East and Mbeya District in the North. The District headquarters is situated at Tukuyu which is about 72 km from Mbeya District along Uyole Ibanda Highway which passes Kyela District on root to Malawi.

Land Area

The District covers a total of 2,221Sq km of which 1,668.259 Sq’ km or 75 percent of total area is land. The remaining land is covered by 44.5Sq km of forest and 498.3Sq km is mountainous and residential area. The District covers 3.5 percent of the total Regional land area.


The climate condition of the District is a function of altitude. The District is mountainous with Rungwe Mountain and Livingstone ranges rising from an altitude of 770 meters to 2265 meters above the sea  level. Rainfall  average ranges from 900 mm in the low land areas to 2700mm on the highland. Temperature are generally modest and range from 180C – 250C Throughout the year.

 Administrative structure 

The District consist of 4 divisions namely Tukuyu Urban, Ukukwe, Pakati and Busekelo. There are 37 Wards and 162 registered villages. The village are further sub-divided into 742 sub-villages, popularly known as hamlets.

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In recent years visitors from Tanzania and abroad have come to appreciate the beauty of of Mbarali District -Mbeya region, Tanzania.

There are several features about this area. One is the scenery of the Rift valley landscape the primeval-beauty of forests and the special grasslands scattered with homesteads. There is the open- heartedness of the Pastoralists Communities, letting tourists in to experience life along with the the local dwellers of the village, visitors are invited to see the Maasai, Barbaig (Mangáti) , sukuma bomas, the traditional livestock raising and partake in the barbecue, traditional dances and song. It is an excellent way to immerse yourself into the remarkable local traditions and folklore.

Forests and woodlands with several species of wildlife in their natural settings. Amongst these are yellow baboons, verlvet monkeys, monitor lizards, venomous mono,multi-colored snakes, and innocuous reptiles. There is also a prevalent amount of bird species of all sizes.

Nopadeo Group have organized a tourism program with the goal to promote and preserve Pastoralists and other cultures in Mbarali district, Mbeya Region in Southern zone of Tanzania. and benefit the villages as a whole. Up on cultural tourism visitors can benefit with wildlife tourism in Mbeya and Iringa districts by making not very long safaries to visit different tourism attractions, like Ruaha National Park, a fomous area called Ihefu, Kitulo national Park.

Nopadeo Group have occupied a land of 20 heckers to make Cultural Market site, in Matebete village and the expections is to make this area to be like a camp site with a cultural boma (In Maasai language they call “Emanyata”., where by tourists shall learn the cultures and history of the Maasai Parakuyo and other Pastoralists groups . Nopadeo community invits good friend to support this project because facilities are expected to be upgraded to cater to the comfort of the guests. The present endeavours of the Pastoralists are geared towards sharing as much culture as possible. Even within a short duration of time, a typical day- to -day activities as lived by the Pastoralists Maasai.

Guests who stay overnight in Matebete village will sure, be rewarded with unforgettable experience of the Maasai life and the glories of sunset´s with a ruddy and evanescent glow of the passing daylight and the coming of the nights darkness. A life to be lived from one generation to another, surreal moments to be dreamed of passionately; Matebete has it all.

Experience the Maasai way of life in their natural settings, cross the tropical grasslands in their endless circuits. Fell the landscape blessed with an abundance of plants and flowers the seasonal change of sights and sounds. Now we are blessed with year- round road accessibility too! Only during the rain season. ( November to April is 4 wheel drive necessary. Matebete village in Mbarali district is a must for you to visit.

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Ruaha National Park

Tanzania’s largest National Park, Ruaha is a wilder and more remote park than its southern neighbour Selous Game Reserve and ultimately has the better wildlife, albeit without boating safaris.  We love this park! Safaris here are some of the best you will find in the country and are superb value for money. It is a wild and authentic environment that remains relatively untouched.

One of Tanzania’s best-kept (and more affordable) secrets, Ruaha is a particularly good complement and contrast to the Selous, although it would be a great addition to any Tanzania safari.  The lion viewing around the Mwagusi area is especially rewarding and general predator concentrations across the park are better than many of the other parks in the country.  Overall it is an absolutely excellent safari destination.

Where is Ruaha Located: Ruaha is a big and wild park to the West of the Selous Game Reserve, and South of The Serengeti. It is a really amazing destination with it’s unbelievable wildlife, but also it’s geographical location means it is a longer and more costly flight which keeps the volume of visitors low; all adding to it’s raw and uncommercial feel. There is a new flight connecting the Serengeti and Ruaha, but you can also get flights from Dar es Salaam and The Selous.


Ruaha National Park the Game: Ruaha has all the predators on show, with very good lion, leopard and cheetah as well as wild dog and hyena. Buffalo and elephant herds are found throughout the park but it is the park’s crazy combinations of species from east and southern Africa that excites wildlife and birdwatching enthusiasts.  It is not uncommon to see sable antelope, Grant’s gazelle, greater kudu and lesser kudu in the same area as east Africa’s common species such as zebra, defassa waterbuck, impala and giraffe.  Put in the hours and travel across the park to find sable, roan, hartebeest and over 500 species of bird!


Ruaha Safari – Activities: The main activity is a Ruaha Safari daytime game drive.  Night safaris are not permitted.  Due to the high numbers of elephant in Ruaha some camps have chosen not to operate walking safaris.  Those that do (Kwihala, Jongomero and Kigelia) have some superb guides and can offer amazing walking safaris.  Jongomero is the only camp to operate fly camping trips with adventurous nights spent out under the stars.


Ruaha Safaris – When to go: Like the Selous, Ruaha is a classic dry season park.  Game gets progressively better towards the end of the dry season as the water holes and rivers dry up and the game concentrates around water.  Like the Selous, travelling to Ruaha out of season will virtually guarantee that you see no other people whilst on safari and there are pockets in the park where the game concentrations are good at any time of the year.  The birding from December through to March is exceptional.

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