What are the activities in Kitulo National Park?


What are the activities in Kitulo National Park? I dont find much information online!

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  1. Kitulo National Park:

    Prior Known as Elton Plateau, named after the explorer Frederick Elton who crossed the area in the 1870s. • It is about 160Km East of Mbeya to reach kitulo national park. It is one of the great flower gardens of the world, over 350 of High plant recorded with 45 species of terrestrial orchids alone.

    There is 31 Endemic species of lower, several rarely seen birds Denhams bustard, Kipengele seedeater, njombe cristicola etc. Africa’s first new specie of monkey for over 20 years(Lungwecebus kipunji) has been discovered here in mount Rungwe , Well drained grassland on volcanic soils with species like Aster transaniesis, Knophofia grantee, Lobelia, Gladiolus, Moraea callister and Romulea companuloides. Other species are Hagenia abyssinica, Ocotea usambarensis, Juniperus procera, and Sinarundinaria alpina,

    Activities in Kitulo NP:

    The Numbi valley is occupied by Juniper forest, one of the most extensive in Africa; They tower to 50m high and are indeed the tallest Junipers in the world. Activities in Kitulo National Park may be:  Mostly SightseeingCultural activities to Matamba villageBird watching ; Hiking;  Camping and PicnicWalking safaris; Cycling/ Biking (Bicycle Riding) ; Also Horse riding and Golf sport has been proposed as well.

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