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  1. Lake Ngozi in Mbeya has interested stories! The Lake, and surrounding area, is not only famous for its outstanding beauty and various rare wildlife, but the myths and local legends that surround Lake Ngozi are some of the most interesting aspects of Lake.
    It is said by the Nyakyusa People (ethnic group in this area of Southern Tanzania) that a sharman called Lwembe was chased from his birth village (Ukwama in the Makete area) after the people had become sick of his deceptive trickery. He is said to have fled to the area near the waters edge. Cows started to disappear whenever they grazed nearby; People started going missing too. The Nyakyusa elders decided to dispel the fiend by heating up a huge rock in a fire for three days and then rolled it into the lake, casting their own magic spells. Thereafter, the menace was gone.
    Other myths suggest that Colonial German solders dumped a large amount of treasure into the waters of the lake and put a spell to protect the gold and hamper any other persons efforts to reclaim it. Some say this includes the emission of poisonous gasses, but now we know that these gasses could be from the volcanic activity in the area. Other variations of this myth suggest that there is a 12 headed snake which protects the treasure and comes out to the surface on sunny days. Whether there ever was treasure remains a mystery.
    The water itself supports a plethora of wildlife despite all of these grizzly tales. The lake contains fish and other marine life (potentially even that snake), and supports plethora of vegetation (although less than some of the crater lakes near Mbeya) and unique land animals.

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