Songwe Hot springs and Bat Carves


Songwe Hot springs and Bat Carves, we are couple, flying to Mbeya, and we will be in Mbeya for while! Is Songwe Hot springs and Bat Carves worth visiting?

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  1. Yes, it is a very interesting area to visit!


    This is a widest hot water springs ever, found in Momba village, Songwe Tanzania. • Situated about 56Km north west of Mbeya to the upper cast region of Songwe limestone’s area. Set in the heart of the Travertine Mining.


    It is the hottest Hot Water Springs reaching up to 100oC hot. • Where even eggs or potatoes take about five (5) minutes to cook, ready for eating!


    Hike around the area to view beautiful sceneries and also see the Momba River, which is believed to have gold and natural gas deposits.


    The Tiles making stone quarry and The Bat Carves are wonderful feature to observe around Momba Village.

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