Mpanga Kipengele Game Reserve


Mpanga Kipengele Game Reserve, what is special about the Mpanga Kipengele Game Reserve? worth visiting?

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  1. Yes, it is worth Visiting.

    The Reserve has unique flora and fauna, scenic beauty, cultural heritage of Nyumbanitu and Kimani waterfalls. Are very attractive for nature tourism. Visiting the reserve is quit a special and lifetime experience while in Mbeya Tanzania.

    The reserve protects a variety of small to mega fauna including rodents, primates, mammals, birds, reptile, amphibians and fish. The Kipengere ranges, Mpanga highlands and Chaufukwe Moutains are lovely landscapes for recreation.

    Are also ideal for trekking, walking and hiking, Walking Safaris and Horse riding. The reserve is accessible by Air, Railway and Road from Mbeya or else where. The Beautil Kimani and Nyaugenge falls are within the reserve area.

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