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I need to get to arusha from mbeya.

What are my options?

I think i will need one day to get to iringa, spend the night, then one day to get to dodoma, then spend the night, and then the next day I will be able to get to arusha. This will take about three days!

Is there any faster way? May be a direct bus?

I will be in mbeya on the 16th and 17th. Of these month…aka tomorrow!


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  1. That was a very old route, with the improvements of roads and number of  suppliers; There now exists a direct route feom Mbeya to Arusha and many buses giving that service. You are welcome to visit!
    If you need a private transfer from Mbeya to Arusha, send us what’sapp message and we will be able to assist!  Welcome to Mbeya!

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