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Mbeya Geographical Location: Mbeya is a city in southwest Tanzania. It sits at the base of soaring Loleza Peak, between the Mbeya and Poroto mountain ranges. On the town’s outskirts is Lake Ngozi, a huge crater lake surrounded by dense forest rich in birdlife. Kitulo Plateau National Park, southeast of the city, is known for its colorful wild flowers. Farther south is Matema Beach, a resort town on the shores of the vast, fish-filled Lake Nyasa.

Mbeya Geographical Location: Mbeya Region originally belonged to the Southern Highlands Province. In 1963, the Southern Highalands Province was split into two regions namely, Mbeya and Iringa. In 1972, Mbeya Region was extended to incorporate Sumbawanga District which before then belonged to the Western Province. However, the inclusion of Sumbawanga District intoMbeya Region did not last long because in 1974 Sumbawanga District was separated and accorded full Regional status.

It is located in the South Western Corner of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. The Region lies between Latitudes 7o and 9o 31% South of Equator, and between Longitudes 32o and 32o and 35o East of Greenwich. Mbeya region lies at an altitude of 475 metres above sea level with high peaks of 2981 metres above sea level at Rungwe higher attitudes.

Mbeya shares borders with countries of Zambia and Malawi to the immediate South; Rukwa Region to the West; Tabora and Singida Regions to the North; while Iringa Region lies to its East, with Tunduma and Kasumulu in Mbozi and Kyela districts respectively being the main entries and/or exist into neighbouring countries of Malawi and Zambia.

The Regional spacial area covers 63,420 Sq.kms. which is 6.4% of the total area of the United Republic of Tanzania. Out of the regional surface areas, 61,868 Sq.Kms. is dry land, about 57,000 Sq.kms. arable land; and 1.757 Sq.kms. is covered with water.

Mbeya Region is divided in six Administrative districts namely Chunya, Ileje, Mbeya, Mbozi and Rungwe. However, the official establishment of the seventh district of Mbarali (curved from Mbeya District) is soon to be effected. The districts are further divided into 25 divisions which are subdivided into 135 wards and 577 villages.



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