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  1. Yes, it is worth visiting;

    Kimani River: Is located west of Mbeya in Mbalali district travesing the Mpanga Kipengele to Kitulo; Boast a beautiful Bird area for birding, Wonderful waterfalls picnic of Kimani fall, the Nyaugenge falls and Allan’s waterfalls.
    The Nyaugenge falls, a magnificent drop of some 120m is a beautiful sight you will come to see in front of you. It is possible to walk down to the base of the falls, if the river is not too high then you can enjoy a wonderful swimming in the pool.
    The Kimani Falls scenery is a spectacle of huge stones and several river beds with a unique and very different view from the usual sightseeing visits. It is a really astonished waterfalls picnic site where any one would like to stop and admire

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