Investment opportunities in Mbeya


Investment opportunities in Mbeya, what are the Investment opportunities in Mbeya, Tanzania?

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  1. Mbeya investment may vary according to investors interests and Business experience, The region bears a wide chance to invest in the following:

    #1. Marine Transportation: • Ferry Boats are needed to furnish transfers within Lake Nyasa which joins the Ruvuma Region, Mbeya Region in Tanzania and the countries of Malawi and Mozambique.

    #2. Agriculture Products: • Cash crops like Coffe, Tea, Cocoa, Tobacco, Pyrethrum, Palm nuts may offer investment opportunity in creation of Manufacturing films such as Oil processing, Tea Processing, etc

    #3. Game Stone Mining, Stone Quarries, Cement Processing, and as many as can be seen according to product found in Mbeya Tanzania. Let you suggest what you are capable of.

    #4. Investing in accommodation, especially to the Lake Nyasa near Itungi Port are seriously recommended.

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