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  1. The Ngozi Lake can be found after a 50 minute hike from the park entrance by the nearest road. From Mbeya you can take a bus (or personal vehicle) which takes you to the right at the Tukuyu – Lake Malawi Junction. 10kms along that road you will come across road signs for the Ngozi crater on the right.
    There may be entrance fees to enter onto the path up the to the lake, and fees for the staff to guard the car (if you have one). These change regularly so make sure to have a little bit of money available- say $20.
    The track, and Lake Ngozi itself, is surrounded on all sides with thick green shrubs, Banana trees and huge bamboos. At points it can be steep and overgrown but the walk itself shouldn’t be too difficult for somebody of average fitness.
    2.5km in you will come up to a fork in the road; the right path leads to the peak, and the left path takes you down towards the waterline. All the effort will all be worth it when you get to the peak. You can look over the whole of Lake Ngozi which is famous for having bright emerald green waters which is breathtaking on a warm, clear & sunny day.
    If you so happen to have come from Safari, or have a love for wildlife, keep an eye out for the Black and White Colobum Monkey and Three Horned Chameleon (Chameleon Fuelleborni- the area is famous for these).

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