Flying from Entebbe to Arusha/Kilimanjaro


Hello Everyone!

My wife and I are coming to east Africa for our honeymoon in January/February 2020 and we are hoping to fly one-way from Entebbe to either Arusha or Kilimanjaro. We are trying to find out what the best/cheapest way to do this is.

Our search on Precision Air returned no prices (and we’re still waiting to hear back from them from an e-mail we sent) and the Kenya Air booking engine doesn’t give either Arusha or Kilimanjaro as an option.

Any help or advice on this, and we would be really grateful!


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  1. You’ll have to fly via Nairobi’s JKIA airport where you can connect for flight to Kilimanjaro. From EBB it would probably be a Kenya Air flight. Then connect to a code-share Kenya Air/Precision Air flight to JRO.

    There are 4 to 5/flights between JKIA/JRO daily. Earliest is 8am, then 10:30am, and a few more till early evening.

    Arusha is the domestic airport once in Tanzania, about a 1.25/hr drive from JRO.

    Unless you’re booking this entire honeymoon on your own, your tour operator should be able to book these flights for you. Ask them.

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