Driving from Singida to Mbeya


I want to drive direct from Singida to Mbeya without going through Dodoma. Anyone know the status of the road (B141)? Is it tarred? Safety?

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  1. Yes, you can drive without passing to Dodoma. From Singida to Itigi the whole road is tarred. But from Itigi to Mbeya, it is not. You will pass through the huge game reserve forest for about 405 kilometres until you find the Chunya Town. Now from Chunya to Mbeya, the road is tarred. For safety reasons it is better to travel during the day, and a four-wheel vehicle is recommended!
    But; why would you want to do this route? unless you have a serious reason; maybe it’s best to avoid Singida and just do the longer Arusha-Dodoma-Iringa-Mbeya route, which I understand tarred all through. With overnight stay in maybe Dodoma?

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