Best time to Visit Matema Beach


Best time to Visit Matema Beach, what will be the best time to visit Matema beach, especially for Canoeing?

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  1. Each season holds a particular attraction for those who live here and for Visitors. From June to October it is is mainly dry and hot . This is one of the best time to visit Matema!
    In the period from October to February there are many sunny days with regular showers at night and sometimes thunder and lightnings. The vegetation recovers from the dry season.
    The rainy season in March, April and May brings along heavy and long rainfalls, which may even affect the conditions of our roads. Some lodges close during this time!
    The day temperatures are between 20 and 35°C throughout the year, the nights are warm.
    Matema is a most fertile region of Tanzania. Bananas grow the whole year, lemons until August, mangos are delicious from November to January. Ananas, guavas, avocados and a lot more fruits and vegetables are available in several months of the year.

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