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Mbudya Island Day Trip

Mbudya Island  : One of the most spectacular and extraordinary tourist destinations in the world is TanzaniaTravelers get a peek of the vibrant urban life of the nation when they land at the hectic city of Dar Es Salaam. Visitors can take day trips from this location to surrounding beaches such as Mbudya Island. All fans of travel must visit Mbudya Island Beach, one of the most stunning tourist destinations in Dar es Salaam city. It is the coolest and most beautiful place for vacation and picnics as visitors will get enough time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island.

You can reach the island by ferry or local speed boat from Dar es Salaam city. Boats are accessible every half-hour all day long, and the trip only lasts around 20 minutes. Tourists can board local speed boats in Dar es Salaam at Kibo Beach or Mbezi after paying the boat charge and the Mbudya Island government fee. However you can also rent a private boat for a more comfortable trip even though larger boats can hold up to 40 people at a time

The beach is a must-visit location for travellers who want to rest and relax away from the throng and the stresses of daily life due to its isolation and calm. Visitors can take in the breathtaking view of the pristine ocean, rich flora, bright blue sky, and sandy beach. There are found island found in Dar es Salaam however Mbudya Island is the best. Even though it is uninhabited place, visitors in Mbudya Island can get all the basic need there.

Apart from other known activities of the beach there are variety of fantastic activities that tourists can also enjoy at Mbudya. For instance Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and beach strolling. These are all enjoyable activities for visitors in Mbudya Island. However there are other additional activities such as the boat ride activity. If you haven’t do it you better try in Mbudya Island.  It is an exciting and unforgettable experience for all the visitors in this island. Also jointly visitors can watching the vast ocean, or enjoy the view of the spectacular sunset. Tourists may also opt for a brief, enjoyable hike. Snorkeling could be a great idea, because the island has a superb snorkeling facility that enables tourists to snorkel with trained and highly competent guides. If tourists want to require pictures, they will use their smartphones but for more advanced tech, like DSLR cameras and drones, they need to get permission from the govt. authorities and pay a required fee, otherwise they’re going to be fined. The island offers limited food options, because it is basically serene and untouched. The marine reserve staff  provide dishes like grilled fish, lobster, and chips.

 There’s a kiosk which offers delicious fresh seafood which allows tourists to possess a stimulating and authentic experience. Travelers are allowed to bring their own food and drinks, which could be a good idea if one has special requirements or dietary restrictions. The food available at the island is inexpensive but of fine quality. The region;s natural environment is breathtaking and exceptional, therefore tourists should take care to respect their surroundings. Visitors must pick up their trash after themselves and take care not to pollute the beach or the water. Tourists should participate in beach cleanup activities to keep the beach clean and lovely as city tides bring waste.
On Mbudya Island, the uncommon Coconut Crab, the largest land crab on Earth, is common. As its name implies, this crab feeds on coconuts and can climb coconut palms, where it is said to pinch off coconuts with its enormous claws when coconuts are not already readily available on the ground.





Oceanic Turtle The green and hawksbill turtles, which are both common species, and the endangered turtle reproduce in the reserves. Mbudya Island  is an island where you can relax on the white sand beaches and soak up the sun, go on snorkeling excursions, take a dip, and enjoy snorkeling adventures in the turquoise sea surrounding the island with a variety of colorful fish.


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