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Mbeya City food Tour

Mbeya City food tour | Mbeya Cooking Class  | What to do in Mbeya | Day tours in Mbeya  |Mbeya town guide | The best of Mbeya town | Mbeya Guide | Wildlife Safari from Mbeya

Mbeya City Food Tour:

The Mbeya food tour is a professionally guided tour of the local food and beverage scene and may include hands-on workshops. Food tours can be a great way to get a taste for local ingredients and artisan products as well as to learn the history and culture of Mbeya people, particularly with respect to how it influenced the development of the cuisine.

The nature and duration of the tour will vary. They are typically conducted in groups, though private or small group tours may also be available. Common examples are a walking tour of the restaurants and shops in a particular neighborhood or a bus tour of a city’s ethnic neighborhoods City or country tours may also be conducted by bicycle, Motorcycle, or private car service!

Often food tours will cost between $20-70 per person, depending with the group size, what is included and duration of the tour. Longer tours or tours with additional amenities may cost more!

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Airport transfers to Malasi rest House

Local food Cooking Class in Mbeya Community:


Learn about Tanzania’s traditional food culture during this market-to-table, half or full-day cooking workshop in Mbeya. Decide on a menu and shop for ingredients in local food stalls, and get an in-depth introduction to Tanzanian dishes and utensils. Then, prepare and enjoy your meal on a reed mat under the leafy shade of banana trees. Hotel transfers are included.


  • 1. A half or full-day Tanzanian cooking workshop in Mbeya, with hotel transfers.
  • 2. Get an insider’s introduction to the region’s culinary culture.
  • 3. Learn how to shop for ingredients and prepare a fresh meal from scratch

4. Top off your lunch with a relaxing walk around the neighborhood


More to do in Mbeya:

A couple of spare hours can be well spent on the outskirts of town, enjoying a good circular walking route that leads into the forests to the north of the town and provides panoramic views back over Mbeya along the way. Head northwards all the way to the top of Lupa Way until it crosses over Kaunda Avenue, turn right and almost immediately left onto a cul-de-sac and follow the pathway at the end to the top of the hill. 

This leads through a forest of eucalyptus and wends its way along a ridge at the base of Loleza Peak, which stands 2,656 metres high above. Half way along the side of the ridge, fork right and head for a mature pine forest, crossing the stream as you go. Continue through the pine trees to the track, turn right and then right again when the path divides. This will lead you back onto Kaunda Avenue and finally Lupa Way via Nzowa Road.


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