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An expat’s guide to Mbeya

An expat’s guide to Mbeya

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One of the main Cities of Tanzania, famed for its majestic naturebeautiful countryside and vibrant culture, Mbeya sits at the base of soaring Loleza Peak, between the Mbeya and Poroto mountain ranges. On the town’s outskirts is Lake Ngozi, a huge crater lake surrounded by dense forest rich in birdlife. Kitulo Plateau National Park, southeast of the city, is known for its colorful wild flowers. Farther south is Matema Beach, a resort town on the shores of the vast, fish-filled Lake Nyasa


Most expats will have already secured work before arriving in Mbeya. Secured contracts are the most popular route to gaining employment in the country. If you have a visa, there’s nothing to stop you looking for work in the country. Word of mouth is the most common route and there are numerous expat forums where you can glean useful information about prospective job openings. Freelancers must have a solid contract so that they can apply for a work permit.

Is it best to buy or rent in Kenya? And how do you go about finding your new home? We have the answers. You can go online and look for a property yourself, (Do not pay in advance, everything can be finalized when you are here)  or you can take a lot of pain out of the process by hiring an estate agent. An estate agent will know the safest neighbourhoods, the locations of schools and local hospitals and will also be able to advise you on distances to your workplace.  It’s best to confirm that your chosen agent is registered with the  authorities in Tanzania, or you can ask us for help/recommendations.

All countries have their own specific habits and customs for carrying out business transactions, or holding meetings, and Mbeya or Tanzania is no exception to this. When meeting your business hosts, now’s the time to try out your Swahili greeting – a simple ‘Jambo’ will be appreciated. Here are our business etiquette tips: It’s good manners to shake hands with everyone and address all by their full name, unless a more informal approach is suggested by your hosts. Eye contact is important.

With its good schools, range of properties and low cost of living, Kenya is an appealing expat destination. Learn more about what living in the country will be like.Tanzania is a culturally eclectic and largely homogeneous society that is extremely rich in age-old cultures and traditions. The local population is well known for being friendly and polite to visitors, and there is a strong sense of national pride that reverberates throughout the country. With over 120 ethnic groups living in Tanzania and various religious beliefs, it may sometimes be confusing for visitors to know correct from bad manners. 

Our article explains the Kenyan visa and work permit system to help you plan for your move abroad. If you wish to live in Kenya for three or more months, you will need a visa. You should apply to the Kenyan High Commission or embassy in your own country to request a visa. In November 2018 the Tanzania government placed its visa and work permit service online; simplifying and speeding up the permit process.  This is the only official website. Please only use this website for your visa application! Other companies or agencies are far more expensive and I even heard of cases were applicants lost the money they paid.

As an expat, staying fit and healthy is essential for a successful and happy life in your new home country. Here’s how to maintain your health and well-being in Mbeya. In common with any trip overseas, it’s always a very good idea to pay a visit to your local health care practitioner before you travel to make sure that all of your family vaccinations are up to date. As well as the regular childhood vaccinations against mumps, measles, rubella, TB and tetanus, you’ll also have to ensure that you’re protected against a whole raft of other illnesses before setting foot on Tanzanian soil. 

Do you want to relocate to Tanzania? If you have never moved abroad, the process will be overwhelming, and if you have, you know the burden that lies ahead. Whatever stage you are at!  WE can help you with a complete set of relocation services, such as home finding, school search, visa solutions, and even pet relocation. Our expert expat team is ready to get your relocation going, so why not jump-start your move abroad and contact us today? Best to start early!


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